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To the Unemployed…..

Hey E’rbody! This here is the Rev. Dr. DK Gemini….with today’s post! I’ve finally gotten the hang of this blog thing. (Be patient. I’m a little slow). Today’s topic is….BEING GRATEFUL. It’s important to be thankful for what we HAVE and for what we DON’T have. The millions, and millions of people out there, who have busted our tails and invested thousands of dollars into post-secondary education for UNEMPLOYMENT can now get down on our knees and PRAISE THE HEAVENS that we don’t have the dreaded SHIFT WORK DISORDER . 

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But if you should be so UNFORTUNATE to have acquired such a dreadful affliction, my recommendation is to QUIT your shift job, and join the other millions who don’t have jobs as they sleep on the side of the road in their cardboard boxes. Having been a former “shift” worker myself, working and going to school around the clock, I know how DEVASTATING this MEDICAL condition can be. Be sure to ask your doctor: “Doctor, do YOU have SHIFT WORK DISORDER?” And if he or she stares off into space, or collapses right in front of you while falling on the floor, chances are, your own doctor has fallen victim to this horrific disease. Be that the case, RUN and  immediately buy a lottery ticket so that you up your chances of never having to fall prey to your own or your own doctor’s SHIFT WORK DISORDER ever again. That’s all for now. Blessings. :))

Comments on: "To the Unemployed….." (4)

  1. Corletta said:

    Have been experiencing unemployment for over 2 years. It comes with its own brand of crazy!

  2. Keith Olson said:

    Worked days and nights, often back-to-back, when I started out as a newspaperman, so working only swing shift for the last 25 years was a step up. Did some graveyard work during my college years and it sucked big-time, socially and psychologically. Worst part of graveyard was the supervisors with no personal lives who oversaw those shifts and led the lunacy.

  3. Amen Keith! Working graveyard can put you in an early grave, no doubt.

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