The Church of Tell It Like It Is

Hey Ya’ll! It’s the Rev. Dr. DK Gemini and I’ve taken the following from  According to them, DEBRA & BARACK were LIBERATORS and then DEBRA went and wrote a song about it. (see below) Amen! Have a blessed DAY!

“The Biblical baby name Deborah is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is a bee.
Deborah is the name of two women in the Bible. Deborah was the nurse of Rebekah. She accompanied Rebekah after her marriage to Isaac.

Deborah is also the name of a prophetess and a judge of Israel. Deborah with the assistance of Barak organized an army to liberate the people of Israel from subjection by Jabin, the king of Hazor. She wrote “the song of Deborah” in commemoration of this great victory.

Biblical reference for baby name Deborah:
Genesis 24:59; 35:8; Judges 4:5, 6, 9, 14, 21; 5:7
Strong’s concordance H1683

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