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Two And A Half Million

Angus T. Jones, the actor who played/plays the kid on the hit “Two and a Half Men” begs the public to STOP watching the show because it is evil. Wow. I wonder what the other struggling actors, and single parents, and uninsured,  and below living wage working poor, and starving people around the globe would say. Getting residual income and full medical/dental from “evil” work one did in childhood must be nice. Perhaps Mr. Jones should give away all of his “evil” fortune and go work at Wal Mart. Peace & Blessings. Charlie Sheen-AES-074984.jpg

Comments on: "Two And A Half Million" (1)

  1. The show has become increasing abysmal. Whether it’s pulling people into the abyss with it, I can’t say. Rock on, Reverend!

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