The Church of Tell It Like It Is

Whew! It’s times like SuperBowl Sunday when I feel so silly about being American. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for team spirit, and rah rah, and all of that, but the level of HYPE that comes along with it is just astounding. Millions of people pack into a dome to watch men who make millions of dollars a year run around a field chasing a ball. At various points they jump on one another (are you still awake?), and then the crowd of people who paid hundreds of dollars to see this all yell and cheer. Then, at Half-Wit (I mean Half Time) we all get entertained by some performer who lip syncs to a medley of top 40 tracks that we’ve all heard already four billion times before during various points throughout daily life. What’s even worse, we have to HEAR ABOUT that performer weeks, if not months before the actual performance, and have the upcoming performance analyzed, scrutinized and psychoanalyzed….JEEZ! When I finally did catch the replay of Beyonce’s performance on YouTube last night, I was so sick of her face, I had to turn it off after a few minutes. Black leather mini-wear, black lace and thigh-highs combined with predictable “we’ve seen this before 3000 times” choreography is NOT something I would ever pay to see. Thank God for YouTube. Thank God Canada’s only a few hours away. Peace out for now. Blessings.

Comments on: "SUPER BOWL, HALF TIME & THE USA" (1)

  1. Love your wit. Halftimes used to be for standing in long restroom lines. Perhaps grabbing a smoke. Now they are an event in themselves. Good luck finding football refuge in Canada; last I heard, they had their own brand of football — and halftime curling matches to boot.

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