The Church of Tell It Like It Is

The electricity was in the air that night. The excited crowd gathered beneath the well lit, make-shift proscenium arch that served as the backdrop with the red velvet curtain on the balcony. The heavily costumed background crew, with their signature red pointed caps (attempting to simulate birds) gathered around the central figure who was decked out in a flowing white robe with matching dove- colored, miniature skull cap. Camera crews surrounded the VIP* section, rapidly snapping publicity shots and gathering footage for the live feed, as the masses of screaming groupies waved their flags. This was Frankie’s big debut. This was his shot at the big time. Gone were the days of taking the bus. After today, his PayPal account would now be upgraded to the Papal account (Deluxe version), and the red carpet would now be rolled out, with a mini-riot of Pope-a-razzi at his every visit, outing, and screening. Don’t cry for him Argentina, he’ll be alright. And I’ll keep praying too. Blessings. *Very Important Pedophiles

Comments on: "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" (2)

  1. LOL! I like the way you deride him tongue in cheek. He deserves every ounce of ridicule we can heap upon him for his misogynistic and homophobic ways.

  2. I think he’s probably more sexist than misogynistic, and more brainwashed than anything. Old white guys that have such a comfortable position in the grand scheme of things really aren’t jumping up and down for change. It might mess up their comfort. They hate that. The fanfare and hype is what’s so humorous. That people actually took off from what they were doing to go stand there and watch all the “show” is what I find fascinating.

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