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Penal Sanctions. OMG!!

This 70 year old Carmelite nun became a priest in Kentucky. As per usual, the power Bishop of Louisville had some misogynistic scolding about the upgrade in power for the new female priest, saying the shift may invoke “serious penal sanctions”. (You Go Girl. Wink. Wink.)

Losers, Bullies, Violence and God Bless America

The Wanna-Be-Terrorists of most recent events (the Boston Bombings) found out about karma the hard way. One is dead, and the other now faces the music. Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the Wanna-Be-Terrorists, expressed his concern about the older nephew’s weirdness back in 2009. The younger brother’s mechanic Gilberto Junior alluded to the younger brother’s affiliation with EuroTrash and drugs. God Bless America. Amen.

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Putting the “Ick” in Cathol-ic

So Frankie and the crew (the Catholic Power Bishops) are calling this group of progressive nuns “radical feminists” because they’re leaning toward birth control rights in Catholic run private companies. (ya’ know, birth control, that “evil” stuff that prevents women from having to go through postpartum depression, hemorrhaging, infections, severe weight gain, back ache, vaginal tearing, pelvic girdle pain, fatigue, bleeding, cramping, excruciating labor, risk of death, postpartum paralysis (my own mother was paralyzed from the waste down for six months after I popped out), losing sleep, losing traction in the career, , spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed, clothe, and educate the post birth child. (Not to mention hoping that once going through all of that the child doesn’t turn out like Adam Lanza). These same “family values” power Bishops hail from the historically famous system that burned Joan of Arc at the stake, raped and molested countless children across the decades, if not centuries (that’s plural folks), and continues to denounce homosexuality (I think it’s called self-loathing when you’re in denial about who you really are). My, my. How Catholic. “Ick”.

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