The Church of Tell It Like It Is

So the latest in lane changing comes from some newly estrogen-ized EX-Navy Seal named “Kristen” Beck (formerly Chris Beck). This Beck person claims to have wanted to be a girl since the beginning of time. Right. That’s why he MARRIED and REPRODUCED TWICE, screwing up not just his life, but his kids, his ex-wives, and all the other people in his surroundings who will now struggle with trust issues until the end of time. Well of course now that he’s 46 years old, PAST the child bearing years (remember that part about him wanting to be a girl? Try childbirth dude. Oh right. As a man you NEVER had too. How convenient!) and probably owes God knows how much in alimony and/or child support or has quite possibly gotten more women pregnant and is in other kinds of hot water, so of course NOW is the time to switch lanes into the ever-so-GLAMOROUS world of female-hood (again POST puberty, POST childbearing years, POST premenstrual syndrome, POST marriages, POST hefty military retirement package). Uh huh.  Gosh. And to think. People are now PRAISING this person for their “COURAGE” (I’m laughing really really hard right now) to come out because they were in such excruciating pain as a male for so many decades. (Sigh). They better get to work  perfecting that trans-Martian surgery. I’d sign up tomorrow and get out of whole boatload of responsibilities! And so it is. AMEN.

Chris Beck (left) and Kristin Beck (©


Comments on: "Alimony? F*** THAT!!!!!" (5)

  1. I wonder, is this what you consider “humor”? Do you think mocking something you clearly do not understand is funny? Please remind me to never see your stand up.

    • I think some dude who will never know menstrual cramps, never know a period, never know ovarian cancer, never know financial discrimination solely based on gender, never know childbirth, never know breast cancer, never know underwire, and never know the other downsides of being female is not only ridiculous but the highest form of mockery manifested. It does take an idiot to have to be REMINDED of not wanting to see stand up. Clearly understand the aforementioned. Have a blessed day.

      • Okay my dear, let us have a serious discussion shall we?

        There are many natal women who never experience some or all of the things you listed. Are they then not “real” women because they do not share those things with all other women? Of course not. They are as real as you are, (this is assuming you are, in fact, a female of the species and not a teen age boy sitting in his mother’s basement.)

        I find it interesting for a group who insist they are more than their bodies, more than mere biological processes, to then use those same bodies and processes as the argument for dismissing transwomen in masse. Really, you can’t have it both ways. Either being a woman is defined by a narrow set of criteria or it isn’t. It also doesn’t make sense to continue the change said criteria to exclude those you do not personally want included. In the end you invalidate your argument by the very means you seek to use to validate it in the first place.

        As for being “reminded” not to see your so called “comedy”… the very fact you cannot understand sarcasm is reason enough…

        (Oh, and you do realize when you are left to nothing more than name calling and personal insults, you’ve already lost the argument).

        Have a wonderful day!

  2. OOOH “Kira”! You GO Girl/Boy/Transgender/WhateverYouAre!!! I can visualize you snapping your finger in a zig zag while you type with your other hand! And WHOM am I being INVALIDATED by? YOU?!? Oh THANK YOU GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I will continue to have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to put down the torch of self righteousness (and/or porn) for three seconds to read my blog. Many Blessings Sweetie!!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Oh! I take it all back, you really ARE a comedian!!!!

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