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I always wonder about people who embark upon the writing and performing arts, exploit other writing and performing artists through public Google documents and the sharing of, record performances without the release or permission of SAG/AFTRA performers, have their performances posted on YouTube and then complain about feedback because their ego is so vested in others’ opinions of them, and assume that one’s rent is paid via “FUN”. It’s interesting to me, how some people are more concerned with validation from the peers in their little clique (ie. thinking they’re “cool” whatever that means) than with the insensitivity of telling “rape” and “dead baby” jokes publicly when they themselves have never had to physically have an abortion after being raped or have never or will never go through pregnancy. Their perception of “cool” is really twisted in my humble OPINION. That’s why I like to get the expression of their minds in black and white (coming directly from them verbatim). And, I like to have a GLOBAL VIEWING of the expression of their minds, because unlike them, I don’t give a shit if I’m “cool” (whatever that means).  I’m a SATIRIST, and satire is public. It’s an art form that educates, empowers, enlightens, shames, ridicules, and picks apart all the nonsense that society presents before us and quite frankly……….puts a big ol’ smile on my face. Cool? Hey, that’s up to the reader. I can’t argue with anyone else’s perception – that’s on them. And unlike some people, I like to be INCLUSIVE rather than EXCLUSIVE. And some times, that means going public. *****names of characters have been changed to reflect MY perception, which is based on MY interaction with these people, and to protect their real identities since they are NOT multi million dollar celebrities (NO KIDDING).

The first expression (below) is me requesting permission to share criticism from those outside of the little clique bubble from where we all met as an attempt to get OUTSIDE perspective……

Rev Dr DK Gemini

…..someone I respect from the industry (no names mentioned) and someone else not from over here OR is it TOO early for that ????? (I can send you what they said if you want to know. If not, then, I obviously won’t)

Balanced Director



One Opinion:That was wierd, Sweetie!  You were good.  I understood your ‘Paula Dean reference.’  Parts of the Video are funny, mostly because it’s so stupid… like the part with the guy playing the dog, and chasing the other guy around.  Actually, I did not realize he was ‘pretending to be a dog,’ I thought he was just WEIRD, and THAT made it even funnier.  Also, the guy depicting the 1940’s black and white movie out-take… THAT was funny.   Outside of that?  Well, I suspect that these guys are producing a lot of content every day, and so it becomes challenging to ‘cover all the bases,’ making sure everything is of a ‘stellar quality.’  Therefore, I give them a ‘C’ for a good effort, but the content, quality, actors and actors costumes could stand some improvement to make the content truly enjoyable.  The Host, for instance… why is his jacket wrinkled?  Little details like that make a REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE in production quality.  Also, why is the Host ‘pretending’ like the woman at the end is a ‘new person’ he’s not yet interviewed, when the SAME ACTRESS previously portrayed about three other characters?  Stupid. Just not intelligent and smart writing, and/or Video production. Just my take on it.  I hope to not offend you, or your friends, but I think honest feedback is always appreciate.  If, of course, the producers and actors do not care how the product is perceived, because you all a ‘just having fun,’ then bravo!  Have at it.  Mission accomplished.  It looks like you guys probably had a lot of fun, and so that is a good thing.

Another Opinion:

Yes, it was around 2am wen I watched it.  I howled–LOL

Another Opinion:

Glad you had fun & it makes sense that these are ‘tech guys.’. THAT makes sense.

Balanced Director

good input

Sheltered White Girl

Ok, I have to get this off of my chest. I very much disagree that this was “good input”. What you have forwarded to us here are the opinions of three people who we don’t know and, personally, I don’t give a shit about their opinions. There was almost no “constructive criticism” here with the exception of one commenter who cancels out anything constructive by saying that our writing was “Stupid. Just not intelligent and smart writing, and/or Video production.” The little bit that WAS constructive was crazy obvious (better costumes? NO SHIT. Enough individual and separate actors for each character? Wow, how insightful. You OBVIOUSLY (to borrow his or her tone) did not explain to them the odd nature of this project. But I’m not upset at him/her,. They were asked for their opinions (by you) and they have a right to their opinions. I am upset at you. What could this information possibly be, but a bummer to the rest of us? The lack of empathy here is astounding. We were (or I was, anyway, trying not to speak for everyone here) having silly fun, not auditioning or trying to make some professional-grade sketch comedy. Aside from not sharing unsolicited reviews from strangers, I would have thought that once you saw how off-base the criticisms were, and how misunderstood the project was, you would have maybe gone back to Mr. or Ms. Snarky McDouch-Nozzle and told them that we thought up and shot this in about six hours. And that we did so on purpose. Maybe knowing those things would have garnered a different reaction. Finally, as you are a former English teacher, I would also have thought that you would be able to recognize the difference between “constructive criticism” and just plain old “criticism”. Constructive and friendly criticism, I might like to hear, but what you sent us was shit that only made me angry at you and a little more self-conscious than I want to be as I take my first steps in to sketch comedy. That said, I shared this with my friends, too. Love it or hate it, it is something fun I did and am proud of it and will have it playing on my tombstone when I die (I assume that technology will be available by then). Name Withheld (Male), I think you did an amazing job editing and I thank you very much for this experience! I hope you invite me to play again sometime.Name Withheld(Male), your Noir Guy was amazing and the last line kills me every time!Maybe now I can stop writing this letter in my head.Thank you,


Thanks for sharing . FYI. Anger is a gift. Amen.


My perception of the difference in culture between Seattle and NY/NJ & LA. I knew there was Closet Homosexuality, but I had NO IDEA there was such a thing as CLOSET COMEDY. But I’m just an over 40 non-breeding heterosexual white woman (aka “The DEVIL”), so I suppose I’m out of the loop. I want to do, like BEHIND THE MUSIC——-BEHIND THE COMEDY. (and we’ll have the CLOSET COMEDY version too)PS: The BOLD typeface is who the email is FROM, I tried not to give personal full emails for fear of being persecuted further.


Please do not include me in whatever this is, especially as a BCC. I can’t even tell what your diatribe about “closet comedy” and “being persecuted” is about, but near as I can tell you shared a video with people and then sent all their negative and unsolicited criticism to your partners, people who invited you to participate in something creative and positive with them. When they reacted negatively you decided to AGAIN abuse their trust and share their comments with more strangers…why? In the hopes that we would agree you were “persecuted?” Did you think we would all chuckle that someone’s feelings were hurt by people shitting all over their project? I really don’t get what you’re going for here. I just know that I consider these guys, especially NameWithheld, to be friends and fellow comedians and I won’t be a part of shitting on them behind their back. You’re not persecuted. You’re being a weirdo.


my being a WEIRDO is YOUR perception NOT scientific FACT. It’s your opinion. Need I remind you that your “definition” of “shitting” on people is SHARING information that I requested from NAME WITHHELD the creator of the idea’s permission to send. It is my opinion that you are over sensitive and immature but I’m a BIG girl and I know that’s JUST my opinion. My WEIRD self is going to rehearse now for other WEIRDOS who actually make their living off of their art. I will refrain from sending you further ails so that you and your PROFESSIONAL colleagues can gossip about me all you want. Enjoy!!!!!


No one gossips about you REV DR DK GEMINI, despite your delusion that the world is out to get you it’s pretty obvious it’s all in your head. If anyone started sending me private conversations with you I would call them out just like I did you. It’s sad to me that at my simple request for you to not include me in whatever drama you’re constructing around yourself this time, your reaction is to try and insult me with weird jabs about my professionalism or “making a living off art,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I invited you into a group of fun and creative people. You saw fit to share their private conversations with you for the amusement of others. That’s not cool, and that’s what I wanted to get across.


Please stop sending me YOUR opinions. I am disinterested in them. Please take me off your email list and I will do the same. Thank you. Further emails will be considered harassment.

(After I kindly asked FAT ENTITLED WHITE MALE to refrain from sending me emails)


You’re a sad, tiny person REV DR DK GEMINI. I hope you get some real mental healthcare soon.


i think that dude overreacted

(This is me again)  LOL!!!! Thank you GOD for this highly enlightening learning experience. Peace and Blessings. AMEN!!!

Comments on: "Freedom, Entitlement and Fireworks God Bless America" (4)

  1. Robert Ewing said:

    I support DK Gemini’s position in regards to this matter. What’s wrong with sharing constructive criticism? Every film, and play that I have ever seen is reviewed and critiqued. If you want to be successful in the Arts one should realize that there’s no place for the ego ( unless you’re playing the part of a egomaniac ). Constructive criticism should be viewed by actors, singers… as a tool that can help one progress in their craft. Mature individuals have the ability to accept this criticism as being subjective, not personal. The name calling, and insinuations that Rev DK Gemini should get some mental healthcare soon, are ALL signs of a under educated mindset. If you want to attack Rev DK Gemini’s argument, that’s one thing, but to attack her as a individual is simply just wrong. From all I read it ( My Personal Perspective ) it appeared to me that the Rev DK Gemini was just trying to bring a subjective feedback analysis into the group to facilitate positive individual and group growth. In closing I must state as a educated individual ( Three Degree’s from the UW ), that I find it to be both appalling, and unacceptable whenever a person chooses to support their position with a personal attack illustrated by the individuals above who made the uncalled for remarks about Rev DR DK Gemini. Peace and Love to All!!!

  2. First of all Robert, I want to thank you for your kindness. I also want to add how humorous/sad it is to me that certain people have a problem with unsolicited sharing when in fact their mommies took it upon themselves to record performances WITHOUT our permission. No release forms, nobody asked just ASSUMED IT WAS A-OKAY. Yet, when I, an “outsider” (by THEIR STANDARDS) share material they become ENRAGED. Yet, ACCORDING TO THEM I must get mental health soon. Wild. Just flipping wild.

  3. It’s good to see someone calling you out for being insane. Because you are.

    • Ted (whoever you are). There are two types of people. Those who are crazy and those who are in denial that they are crazy. Many prayers to you my friend. Have a blessed and prosperous day.

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