The Church of Tell It Like It Is

So the latest in Florida gun violence comes from Hialeah, FL where some 42 year old male took it upon himself to go randomly shoot innocent neighbors and hold people hostage because HE was having a bad hair day.  Then, the SWAT team or whatever armed and trained subdivision of the MACHO “protect and serve” unit (whatever it’s called down there – all the names blend to me after awhile – bunches of helmeted gun toting military types in drab colored uniforms, rushing in with more guns and weaponry to STOP the original deranged lunatic shooter). SIGH. When will it end? This isn’t “another” country (to some….the enemy). This isn’t a war. No, this is a region where TV, movies, the internet, and all the advertising in the world calls it “the happiest place on earth” just a few miles away as large iconic mice dance around to popular children’s songs. If this is happy……man, we are in TROUBLE. Now, I know this happens ALL over the country, not JUST the Sunshine State, but with recent events and such, all I have to say is……….SHEESH!!!!! Cut it out! Have a ceasefire! Have a bury your gun day. Or better yet…..have FREE MENTAL HEALTH SCREENINGS EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR WITH A FREE GLASS OF ORANGE JUICE. Get those crazy, gun toting lunatics in check over there!  Florida’s sun-shiny public image is melting away and making it look like a sunburned, skin cancer that freckles, peels, and bleeds. Put the guns away and start prayin’. God Bless America. Amen.

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