The Church of Tell It Like It Is


(Sigh). It’s always amazing to me how amazed I STILL am that this sick stuff still continues. The power of misogyny, manipulation, patriarchy, and paternalism being upheld, fortified, and glorified by the blinding glitter of the Hollywood illusion. Remember when this Woody Allen creature married his long-term girlfriend’s daughter when he was around 56 years old and she was only 19? Of course, HE saw nothing peculiar about that arrangement, and OF COURSE, they had to ADOPT two more children. He must have LOVED THAT even more. I mean, this buffer/wife of his was like his daughter for most of her life. Healthy-minded people wouldn’t even entertain the idea of crossing that familial boundary, but for creatures like Woody, I guess ANY orifice no matter who it belongs to, as long as it’s younger and more vulnerable than he is, will do. Now, in present day, his OTHER step-daughter Dylan Farrow is saying that he molested her when she was seven. (No. Really?) And of course his camp of defenders, encouragers, and enablers are calling her a liar…and probably “psycho” and “crazy” and all the other trite labels that they put on people who aren’t basking in the glow of star power. And OF COURSE  a guy who married his girlfriend’s daughter who is THIRTY SEVEN YEARS HIS JUNIOR is going to deny those “allegations”. It’s wild how our society feeds the egos of the pedophile-minded. God Bless America.

Woody Allen

Comments on: "How Money & Power Make Everything “Just” Fine…For Some" (2)

  1. I have boycotted his movies since he took up with Soon-Yi. I know it is only $8.75 at a time, but I had been a real fan and it is the least I can do. It was just wrong, and it tells us more about him and his private life than we could have imagined. I appreciate your post and thank you for not ignoring this. With more children, it will continue. Don’t get me started about idolizing Michael Jackson.

  2. @ Toni – Don’t you just “love” how all these stars, politicians, etc. preach this “family values”, “we care about children”, “family comes first” BULLSH++, then behave like sex driven apes? And in the education system these principals and teachers who are protected by the system after they rape their students? I mean, this is the world we live in. And the media (ie. music business, Hollywood, sports, etc.) just keeps the ball rolling by glorifying these pedophiles accomplishments and trivializing and minimizing the FACT that they are rapists. (Meanwhile some kid in the ghetto who looked at somebody the wrong way is doing 15 years). I also “love” how all these enablers and supporters of these rapists are so SURE that the rapist would “never!” do ANYTHING like THAT. Unless someone is a siamese twin, they have not spent every second of their life next to that person, so therefore their assurance is crap. Especially when their paycheck or career connection is dependent upon what their public opinion is. That’s why I can’t stand when people preach this “family values” fluff. It’s all a mask. Don’t get me started on R. Kelly’s duet with Gaga! LOL.

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