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Yep He Said It – Convert “Them” or Kill “Them”

Phil Robertson, devout Christian and duck murderer actually said those exact words (“Convert Them or Kill Them“) while being interviewed on the infamous FOX network. Robertson went on to quote the Bible saying those who aren’t for God are for death and evil. (RIP innocent birds flying in the sky). Nothing like the POT calling the KETTLE black. Ever notice how Robertson and ISIL (ISIS) share a SIMILAR mind set AND fashion style? I think they share the SAME stylist. Same script writer too. Just sayin’. And so it is. Amen. donaldduck ISIL Video Screenshot  

What’s Love Got to Do With It

Ray Rice. Seriously?     Janay Palmer – Think of your daughter. No joke. RIP Nicole Brown Simpson. Again NO JOKE.

Ike Turner

              O.J. Simpson


“Let’s Tawk…”

R.I.P. Joan Rivers. Your crass humor will be missed. You were a pioneer to say the least. Although your plastic surgeon is crying harder than I am, please know, I did have to bust out the tissue when I got the bad news. You were a riot! Laugh on in the Great Beyond….

Young at heart: Joan Rivers did not take kindly to her make-up artist making fun of her eyebrows, saying she looks 90



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