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He’s Diseased, But Thrilled About His Hair

Millionaire Jada Pinkett Smith was recently miffed when raunchy, historically-classless, stand-up comic Chris Rock insulted her while doing his act on live nationally broadcast television this week at the Academy Awards ceremony. Jada Pinkett Smith’s “family man”, millionaire husband, reacted by approaching the comic and then physically assaulting him, in real time, while cameras were rolling. The seasoned actor, Mr. Jada Pinkett Smith, who has been a paid entertainment professional for the past several decades, proceeded to give an acceptance speech for his first Academy Award.

What, pray tell, was the impetus for Mr. Jada Pinkett Smith’s physical attack on the known insult-comedian?

Bruised feelings over hair loss due to an auto-immune medical condition.

Meanwhile, over in Eastern Europe, thousands of innocent victims are losing much more than their hair.

A homeless, drug-addicted, junkie being interviewed on camera for YouTube recently, described his medical conditions. His thick, curly locks, cascaded down his sleep-deprived face as his hernia-ravaged body slumped over. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.

Menstruation Equality

Isn’t interesting how champion swimmer Lia Thomas became a champion only when Lia Thomas switched teams – switched to the team of historical humans who menstruate , yet despite that biological reality of menstruating, diligently compete in a pool, in a bathing suit, while achieving athletic and academic excellence. Perhaps Lia Thomas, being on that kind of a team, needs to earn that kind of champion’s place. Let’s see…here are some of the biological realities that the members of Lia Thomas’s former team do not experience physically while achieving athletic or academic excellence. Perhaps, Lia Thomas would be held to the same standard of the menstruating teammates by being hooked up to some type of device that simulates the same kinds of effects that menstruating teammates of the champion team endure. Since Lia Thomas is around 23 years old, and the average menstruation begins roughly/generally around age 13, that’s 10 years of menstruation. Lia Thomas might consider having a decade’s worth of menstruation symptoms and realities incorporated into Lia Thomas’s overall championship to see just HOW much of a new-team swimming “champion” Lia Thomas really is. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.

Menstruation Equality
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