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Another Lying White Guy With Substance Abuse Issues

I don’t watch American Idol for various reasons, but mainly because I’ve learned through  reliable sources that what makes it to the air is not what really goes on behind the scenes (No! Gasp!). Although “reality” TV is staged and scripted, this latest bit of information severely exemplifies the power of illusion and the all-too-common STUPIDITY of those among us who inherently believe their own tall tales, and assume the general public, not to mention those who knew the person, is deaf and blind if not entirely brain dead. Note to Matthew Farmer: Overdosing on Pills is NOT surviving an IED attack in IRAQ. Make the distinction because it pisses combat survivors off when you don’t.  PS. If you’re handlers put you up to this as some sort of publicity stunt it SERIOUSLY BACKFIRED.

7 Minutes Not Long….Unless You’re Holding Your Breath

Money before people. That’s the message from Congress as of late. Now if John Boehner’s  house was destroyed? INSTANT disaster relief for sure! Dismissive attitudes abound and then the minimizers of human suffering want praise, accolades, campaign votes, fans and to NOT be talked about unfavorably. There’s A LOT of that going around !(…..and not just in Congress). 

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