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LEAN back.

So this Harrison Garcia  gets 30 Years in prison for essentially doing what “NJ Saint” (ahem.cough, cough) Jon Bon Jovi and his manager did back in the 80’s.

Wow. To be white and male …..

…..and to be so SHELTERED and BABIED in that WHITE, SUBURBAN, New Jersey-Italian-American-Catholic-Sicilian-Mafia-Puppet culture that brainwashes you to believe that only “those” “bad” people are on drugs….and that YOUR offspring  won’t end up like “those” “bad” people. (GASP! Heavens NO!) But that’s what happens when your STAY-AT-HOME-MOTHER-WIFEY, who, LIKE A TRAINED SEAL, SMILES for the camera to make sure everything APPEARS as picture “perfect”, ENABLES, TURNS THE OTHER CHEEK, ENABLES, and then TURNS THE OTHER CHEEK, so that her “family man” (best of luck with the heroin addiction Stephanie), “Soul Kitchen” (ahem.puke.vomit), husband Jon Bon Jovi does whatever MEDIOCRE-talent-rockstars, who, cash in on their magazine-looks and use FAMILY CONNECTIONS to evade criminal punishment do when they’re on the road.

Let’s just hope the Bongiovis (yeah, that’s the originalDSC05296.jpegarticle-2255977-16B8BE45000005DC-142_634x477.jpgUnknown.jpeg spelling) don’t have a lot of rope around their house. God Bless America. And so it is. AMEN.

$ In God We Trust $

As Lauryn Hill prepares for her prison stint for allegedly not shelling out her IRS debts, we bury Chris Kelly, the 34 year old half of the multi-selling act Kriss Kross. Now if anybody should be going to prison, it SHOULD be the pervert(s) who exploited those young little boys back in the day, by zooming in on their butts, complete with easy-to-unzip zipper situated on the back of their asses (YUCK!!). And from what I’ve been reading on the web, yeah, the backwards clothing was DEFINITELY symbolic for what allegedly transpired in real life (RIP Chris) (GROSS!!!). But, we here in the US of A, know all too well what really goes down. Take Stephanie Bongiovi for example. Just a few months ago, the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi overdosed on heroin (I mean, it’s gotta be rough being a rich, privileged, blonde haired, blue eyed daughter of a rock star who never has to take out a student loan to get through college). Now prior to her overdosing, countless other young people have overdosed on heroin, and no one really cared. But when you’re rich, white, famous daddy can pull some strings with food addict Chris Christiethen laws get passed IMMEDIATELY so YOU don’t have to go to jail. Once again, God Bless America. Amen.

Lauryn Hill

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