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White Male Ivory Tower & Eggshell Thin Ego

While millions upon millions of hard-working Americans who have busted their asses to obtain a college education are buried in student loan debt and default, can’t buy homes, can’t start families, can barely afford the basics, OLD RICH WHITE GUY CELEBRITIES who have millions of dollars to throw around are suing non-celebrities because they were called a name. This OVER 65 YEAR OLD James Woods parades around his 20 year old busted for drugs girlfriend and then SUES because he was referred to as a “cocaine addict” via Twitter. Gotta love it. I’m telling you, these sperm dumping ego driven old white guys with too much money would probably commit suicide at 15 years old if they were female being called EVERY name in the book (“slut”, “whore”, “bitch”) via SEVERAL forms of media (RADIO, TV, MOVIES) and then again in person simply walking down the street by 90% of the never-held-accountable males BEHIND the name calling. How WEAK, PATHETIC, and HYPOCRITICAL does an old white guy have to be? Hey Mexicans and Breast Feeding Women.….Let’s SUE Donald Trump now! SMDH. God Bless America. And So It Is. Amen.


The actor filed a defamation lawsuit against an individual who replied to Woods' tweets about Barack Obama and Caitlyn Jenner.


As Gumba Christie puts on his BEST sad face for the cameras, he, like Jesus, utters the words “…..betrayed…….” (Luke 22).  What a STELLAR performance!

New York Telephone and Metaphysics

Long before metaphysics and New Thought and all of the New Age-ie gimmicks there was a little commercial that used to air in the New York Metropolitan region. This was long before internet, this was long before cell phones, this was long before social media sites. Regardless, the message rang true. Whether you’re a COP, THUG, MOBSTER, DRUG DEALER, ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, COMIC, TEACHER, REVEREND, PRIEST, NUN, POPE, SHAMAN, STREET SWEEPER and everything in between and beyond, we are all CONNECTED, and NEW YORK TELEPHONE ran with that saying…..a notorious saying amongst and between the MOB. (I once had a friend in California tell me jokingly….”Anyone from New York or New Jersey has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” – he was from Jersey). LOL. Enjoy the commercial….a blast from the past…..

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