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I Don’t Love Ann & I’m a Woman

Breeder Logic

“Women Love Ann” is what the posters read at the RNC. Once again, this emphasizes the flawed logic in their campaigning. What else is new.


Daily OverviewY…

Daily Overview

You can’t change people’s minds through brute force — at least not right now. Gentler methods may work fairly well, but the surest way to drive them off is to start preaching at them!
This is straight from the Yahoo Shine site. So I guess I’ll start preaching now. To the RNC….there’s a STORM headed your way!
That’s all for now.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Straight From the Christian Monitor

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 Male Birth Control Pill

WWRD? What would Romney do??

Blinded by the SPARKLE

I got to see the highly anticipated SPARKLE last night. Everyone looked great. But I still can’t understand why these “supposed to be poor and oppressed” people were living in such a NICE, BIG, LAVISHLY DECORATED house and were always DRESSED TO THE NINES. Lord have mercy. 


$5000 dollar “Ahhh!”

$5000 dollar “Ahhh!”

Choir Sings For Pizza Pushers. Can I get an “Alleluiah!” with that.

At Last! Back on here and just in time for……..

……R&R. No. Not Rock -N-Roll, not Rest -N- Relaxation, but for Romney N Ryan (true love forever). Ugh. Vomit. Barf. Barf. More media “personalities” (ALL politicians are personalities….frustrated entertainers getting their BIG chance in the spotlight). Ryan’s acceptance speech was straight from the Dumbed Down Sound Bite Template Manual that they ALL get their lame speeches from. You know the one…the same trite cliches…”let’s get America back on its feet” (yuck. as if our country had legs) “(Insert Opponent’s Name) has ruined this GREAT nation” (yawn.) and….the ever-so-overused, “I’m not in this for my own personal satisfaction, I’m in this for the PEOPLE” (here’s where I fall out laughing EVERY time). A cheese bred Wisconsin  Political Science major who married the Upper Crust Elite to get ahead plus a Moronic Mormon who embezzles money while the glare from his fake porcelain veneers tries to blind us. A great pair. Aren’t you all sold? 

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