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Tri-State Area Trash & Trump (Ha!)

Grateful for the tragically hysterical comedy that comes from the minds (and groin areas) of the ever so “evolved” great white males from the tri-state area. (Praise God and the Heavens above I got the HELL out of that New York/New Jersey shit hole). Yep. Trump dropped the “P” word like SO many of the alcoholic, low-class, enabled, babied, entitled, ROMAN CATHOLIC influenced white males and JUST LIKE the rapist-minded alcoholic MCA recording artists managed by Rush Management at the time who, with the help of DJ Gabe (last name – something Italian! The rules don’t apply to me! I’m Italian-American!) BROADCASTED their rapings-in-song (the singer actually rapes teenaged girls (and most likely boys…. in REAL life) over the tri-state area airwaves via ROMAN CATHOLIC University SETON HALL’s WSOU  back in the 80’s and 90’s, they (the white male rapist-minded) CONTINUE to hide behind the “family values – I’m such a GREAT dad and husband” BULLSHIT facade as their enabling doormat wives (“I’m a good wifey and mother! My husband threw some metal on my finger and parked his load in my twat! I am SO lucky!!! Those sluts DESERVED to get raped! They were wearing skirts!”) STAND BY THEIR MAN!!! (because co-dependent breeders can’t do anything on their own…Melania, Hilary, etc….all these “good wifey/mother” enablers all BLEND to me.) The ROMAN CATHOLIC EDUCATED K-12 alcoholic enablers are THE WORST. They will defend and protect these semen dumping rapist-minded pigs at EVERY chance. It’s just the way they were raised. ZERO self-esteem. (“I’m only here to BREED and CLEAN THE HOUSE! With a piece of metal on my finger! Lucky me!”) LOL!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! (And then some of these idiots get divorced. Yeah. Big “surprise”.) Like I said, Praise GOD and the Heavens above I got the hell out of that New York/New Jersey area hell hole and got rid of all the human TRASH that came with it. LOL!!!! God Bless America. And So It Is.



Trump & Dem Boyz From New Yawk

Oh Praise Jesus in Heaven that I got the HELL out of that Mafia-Infested-Drug-Addled-Misogynist-Shit-Hole also known as the New York/New Jersey Tri State Area. (Glory to God. Alleluiah!) That MYOPIC old-white-guy thinking that Mr. Trump DISPLAYS so VIVIDLY, is a TESTAMENT to the DISDAIN I have for that neck of the woods (and the misogynist ape mentality, and that “protect the great white male” enabler mentality that comes from it).  Trump talks about Hispanic rapists? Mr. Trump – it’s time to take a good, long, INVESTIGATIVE look at certain American Born White Men who drug and rape teenaged girls, sing songs about raping teenaged girls, and then make movies with ZERO accountability  (for rape) from the  help of all their ENABLERS, FAMILY MEMBERS, RAPE ENDORSERS and other funder/helpers who work at DISNEY, other domestic companies and MAYBE even the NYPD (LOL!!!!!!).  That’s right Mr. Trump. White, American, Misogynist MEN FROM NEW  YORK (Your very own HOME town!) who RAPE teenaged girls and NEVER go to jail (With their DOOR MAT enabler-leaning-post significant others standing by their side- Awwww. How “family values”). Hope any person around the rapist-pedophile-drug addicted-misogynist creeps mentioned in this (not Donald Trump) have a body camera and all their disease-immunization shots because the people listed in this post have diseases swimming around in their blood that medical science has not even come up with the names for yet. God Bless America. And So It Is. Amen. 5 Presidential Traits That Donald Trump Is Missing Phil Allocco Picture Two suspected mob bosses kiss each other in a show of loyalty. The image comes from surveillance footage from the operation released by Italian police

Happy Molly Vs. Pure Heroine

Wow. Yet another Disney casualty has opened up her mouth to Rolling Stone and said something that sounds really superficial, idiotic, and quite frankly, really stupid. Yup. It’s Miley Cyrus, telling the public most recently that weed and molly are like so totally happy (according to her). If American pop celebrities coming from the Disney-mill didn’t already have THE ditziest image ever – completely void of intellectualism and reeking of bubble gum flavored cotton candy commercialism – then Miley really fortified that idea of dumbed-down American pop glitz idol with her latest conversation put in print with the iconic publication.  Which makes new, up and coming songstress (who hails from Auckland, New Zealand)Ella-Yelich O’Connor, more commonly known as LORDE all the more refreshing. FINALLY!!!!! Someone who seems to have a brain!!!!!!!!!! And wouldn’t you know it? The young crooner who sings about NOT caring about bling, and status, and limos in the most poetic and lyrically superior way, with her song “ROYALS” (most popular on iTunes), is NOT from Disney USA and is only 16 years old; four years younger than Ms. Cyrus. Even when she fucks up in the eyes of the public relations machine  (like recently, when she made some remark about Taylor Swift she’s professional and mature about it and speaks to what she meant without sounding like a sheltered 10 year old (Ahem. SOME stars may want to take note). Her album PURE HEROINE is not only fun and enjoyable to listen to like ear candy, the lyrics and meaning behind it present a blatant and much needed departure from the mass produced and empty-calorie air-headedness that SO many teen pop sensations fall prey to in the Americanized copy and pate, click and shoot, celebrity template that has become all too familiar. Thank YOU LORDE!!!!!!! Alleluiah!!! Amen.


…And this is “news”?

So Miley Cyrus, the former Hannah Montana Disney icon was twerking on the MTV Music Awards weeks ago. Why are we still talking about it? Why do we have to hear about what her father has to say? Has anyone else noticed that there are REAL problems in the world? Force fed “interest” “news” stories that I am NOT interested in (or neither are MOST people who have BETTER things to do with their lives than talk about some 20 year old who used the most overused stunt in the book – stripping down to underwear and shaking her ass (GASP!) how “original”) are a complete waste of time and strain on the eyes, ears, and voice. Please media, get something ELSE to put your energies on.  We are about to barf.

Felons, Teens, and The Double Standard

Question: Why does 18 year old Kaitlyn Hunt run the risk of convicted felon status for allegedly having a relationship with a 15 year old girl while 25-30 year old men rape and sing songs about raping 14 year old girls (and probably boys) and then  when they’re old and ugly and desperate get jobs at Disney and then play the “family values/family man” card (LOL!!!!!!!), play on homosexual hockey teams and try to be the next movie director of the year while simultaneously failing miserably?

(Song about raping 14 year old girl (and done in real life) by Sean Carmody, Phil Allocco, Shane Verdi and Rob Steele

Video of  singing about raping 14 year old girl (and done in real life) by Sean Carmody, Phil Allocco, Shane Verdi and Rob Steele

Answer: White Male Privilege, Closet Homosexuality and the Family Values Facade are what keep our fine nation humming like a well oiled machine. (For the environmentally misogynistic disenfranchised that is).

Peace and Many Blessings.


5 Reasons Pinocchio is Cooler Than Lance Armstrong

Five Reasons Pinocchio is Cooler Than Lance Armstrong

1. He’s much more charming. His big blue eyes are more sympathetic and you want to like him. Lance appears crazy and tweaked out.

2. He didn’t waste Cheryl Crow’s time.

3. Two nights weren’t wasted with Oprah interviewing him about what everyone already knew.

4. He’s more sanitary. He wears white gloves.

5. He’s a much better puppet. His handlers knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t take over a decade to reveal pulling his strings.

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