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The Dad Wishes His Son Was Never Born

So Peter Lanza gave a public interview and says he wished his son Adam Lanza (famed Newtown killer) had never been born. He’s not the only one! Adam Lanza was such a MISERABLE human being according to the public interview, that he had to create more misery for those around him (remember the old saying? MISERY LOVES COMPANY).  And what I love about the interview is that Peter Lanza flat out says : “I want people to be afraid of the fact that this could happen to them,”  (Thank you Peter Lanza!) So for all the self-righteous, know-it-alls that are preaching Anti-Choice rantings, please think of Adam Lanza and ALL his victims while doing so – since you folks think you have the right to judge other people’s choices (just sayin’).  In the meantime prayers to all the innocent children and educators, Nancy Lanza and her surviving family members and anybody who has to deal with someone like Adam Lanza on a daily basis. Prayers to you. Seriously. And so it is. Amen.

Protect Us From The “Protectors”.

People like Rick Perry and Wayne LaPierre  do two things. First, they frighten the living be-Jesus out of me. Second, they make me embarrassed to be Caucasian. Their ideology towards protection of children goes something like this: “Well, those semi-automatic weapons aren’t going away anytime soon….”. Newsflash!!!! ALERT!!!!! MENTAL ILLNESS ISN’T GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON EITHER. (RIP VICTIMS OF SANDY HOOK UNNECESSARY SCHOOL SHOOTING) As a nation, we need to pray for the sick AND THE STUPID.

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