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Protect and Serve!

Okay everybody!  We can all let out a BIG sigh of RELIEF knowing that men with histories of drug addiction, porn addiction, and documented hatred of their mother are walking around with government issued firearms to PROTECT us!  That is, before murdering their entire family and then committing suicide. Don’t you feel SAFE now? God Bless America. Amen.

This undated file photo released by the Lindon City Police Department shows police officer Joshua Boren from Lindon, Utah.

Georgia Fried Nuts

Oh Lordie Lord Lord. As “good”, “Christian” ,”family values”, IT worker Justin Ross Harris was getting his rocks off sexting photos to teenaged girls  his NOT EVEN 2 YEAR OLD SON literally melted to death in the back of the car that his FATHER locked him in for several hours in the hot Georgia sun.

These SPERM DUMPERS and their TWISTED VALUES  (my DICK is NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! ) need to FRY.  Put this LOSER’s balls in the DEEP FRYER and crank it on full throttle ’til his skin fries off the bone. Then put the rest of him in.  These kind of people make me sick. And so it is. Amen.

Globe PF10E 10 lb Stainless Steel Light Duty Electric Countertop Fryer


Who Needs Enemies With Family Like This

So this 3 months pregnant Farzana Praveen got stoned to death (not high, rocks bashed into her head) by 28 members of her own family, including father and brothers, because she didn’t want to marry the guy they picked for her. And the cops just stood by and let it happen. In other news, the Santa Barbara deputies knew about recent mass murderer Elliot Rodger’s you tube video where he goes on and on about hating women, but they didn’t watch it until AFTER he murdered several innocent people. Any PARALLELS here? Hmmmmm. And so it is. Amen.

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