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White Heritage? Please Speak For Your Damn Self.

Today a black woman crawled up a flag pole down South to take down the Confederate Flag – a flag which symbolizes separation. This iconic symbol represents this thing called WAR (as in Civil War). I don’t know if you heard about it –  this “war” thing  is where two opposing sides try to kill each other with bombs, and guns, and grenades and then the soldiers that participate in it come back from the WAR with things like PTSD and a whole set of physical and psychological problems – which contribute to things like alcoholism, and drug addiction – you know, those WHITE PEOPLE PROBLEMS. It’s not tragic enough that WHITE PEOPLE are ALREADY seriously fucked in the head, but then they have to pass down their alcoholism and drug addiction and PTSD from generation to generation – like this GREAT WHITE MALE deranged lunatic DYLAN ROOF who CLEARLY got some FUCKED up genes from that OH-SO-PURE, WHITE gene pool that these “SONS!!!! of the Confederate Veterans!!!!!!  are so VOCAL about preserving. (“THEIR WHITE HERITAGE !!!!!!”) I just wish these BOOZE GUZZLIN’, RED NECK, GUN TOTIN’, HEE HAW, INBRED, ARIAN- MUTATION-IDIOTS would speak for their DAMN SELVES ONLY and get an education so they can understand that there is NO such thing as WHITE HERITAGE. But all that alcoholism passed down from white idiot to white idiot creates these kinds of brain-dead types. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.

Black people lynched Black people lynched

And We Wonder Why 13 Year Olds Jump Off Of Bridges

A week or so ago a 13 year old jumped off a bridge in Tacoma for being publicly shamed by her dad. (NOT FUNNY AT ALL). Young people are met with such hypocrisy when all around them there are older people saying one thing, yet doing another. Kind of spins the head a bit. Like this cheerleader who just plead guilty to RAPE.  GROSS. I never met the broad, never want to, but I can honestly say, she does remind me of this sexual predator I had the unfortunate displeasure of being acquainted with back in the late 80’s and 90’s and then unfortunately met up with again in 2009, when, at that late time, I finally realized what she was doing. See, these sexual predators, in this case Paris Petrick, are all bubbly and happy and ass-kissing, and unless you are really schooled in what a sexual predator/rapist is, when you’re young, you really don’t “get it” because they are so “bubbly” and “ass-kissing”. Paris Petrick is a pro, and although I know for fact that she’d probably never admit to raping a teenaged boy from around Millburn, New Jersey when she was around 25 years old while she was married to someone else, I know she did because she did it in MY FREAKING APARTMENT under my nose when I wasn’t home, and was up to her same sexual predatory self in 2009 when she was using my laptop to cheat on her then husband with some dude in Chicago (it was all on my laptop she can’t hide it). Here’s another clue – in this rapist’s bio she lists all these accomplishments, right? Why isn’t the production of Godspell that she did in Chatham, New Jersey listed? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm   There are other rapists that “mysteriously” manage to leave out certain information in their bios and promotional materials too, just read other posts in my blog,  but this Paris Petrick predator is a slick a predator as they come. (really? 25 year old married woman with a 16 year old high school student) Even if the kid was 17, the fact that she left the Godspell production in Chatham, New Jersey out of her “I’m SO GREAT” bio SPEAKS VOLUMES. (But she’s all COZY in the photo with that obese, smelly, mentally-stuck-in-the-5th Grade- slob Kevin Smith! ) Prayers to all the kids and the adult children who live with the embedded trauma of being around scumbags like the ones I wrote about in this post (NOT the girl that jumped off the bridge). (THIS IS NOT COMEDY TODAY THIS IS THE DAMN TRUTH) God Bless America. And So It Is. Amen. (PS- these sexual predators REPRODUCE! GROSS!) Molly Shattuck

19 Rapists and Counting……..

You just gotta “LOVE” inbred, “family values”, breeder types. Goodness, goodness. THANK GOD they are WHITE because if they were black, urban-raised, single-parent, or openly gay, they would actually have to be held accountable to FEDERAL LAWS.  But Josh Duggar (the GREAT WHITE MALE that he is)  and his supportive, enabling, inbred family (and those who think and act exactly like them) ALWAYS seem to escape the rules that are made for everyone else (“Rape? No. I was just havin’ fun! Pregnancy is the bitch’s problem.”) Breed on Jessa Duggar. Breed on! And so it is. God Bless America. Amen. Jessa Duggar Confirms She Was Molested by Brother Josh: ‘I Was One of the Victims’ Family Values


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