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Menstruation Equality

Isn’t interesting how champion swimmer Lia Thomas became a champion only when Lia Thomas switched teams – switched to the team of historical humans who menstruate , yet despite that biological reality of menstruating, diligently compete in a pool, in a bathing suit, while achieving athletic and academic excellence. Perhaps Lia Thomas, being on that kind of a team, needs to earn that kind of champion’s place. Let’s see…here are some of the biological realities that the members of Lia Thomas’s former team do not experience physically while achieving athletic or academic excellence. Perhaps, Lia Thomas would be held to the same standard of the menstruating teammates by being hooked up to some type of device that simulates the same kinds of effects that menstruating teammates of the champion team endure. Since Lia Thomas is around 23 years old, and the average menstruation begins roughly/generally around age 13, that’s 10 years of menstruation. Lia Thomas might consider having a decade’s worth of menstruation symptoms and realities incorporated into Lia Thomas’s overall championship to see just HOW much of a new-team swimming “champion” Lia Thomas really is. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.

Menstruation Equality
Loser on the Men’s Team (Hey! I’ll SWITCH to the Women’s TEAM!!!! Yeah!!!)
You Won’t See This in the Mens’ Team Locker Room

Bruce Honey, You Really Have No Idea No Offense

Hey look I’m all for being yourself (whatever that may be for you) and I don’t care if you change lanes, change sexes or change the color of spray paint if you decide to die yourself green…but when a male who has won track fame, national commercials and parenthood status – all without menstrual cramps, hormonal fluctuations and bleeding from their genitalia for one week straight EVERY SINGLE month since fifth or sixth grade until menopause, I have to say, Mr. Jenner   “You have NO IDEA what it’s like to be a woman. NO OFFENSE.  And best of luck to you and your new transgender role. Seriously. You’ll save a TON on tampons and sanitary napkins for sure.” And so it is. Amen.

Bruce Jenner of the USA celebrates at the 1976 Summer Olympics



Bloody tampons
Load, pass and wait for the reaction.

Alimony? F*** THAT!!!!!

So the latest in lane changing comes from some newly estrogen-ized EX-Navy Seal named “Kristen” Beck (formerly Chris Beck). This Beck person claims to have wanted to be a girl since the beginning of time. Right. That’s why he MARRIED and REPRODUCED TWICE, screwing up not just his life, but his kids, his ex-wives, and all the other people in his surroundings who will now struggle with trust issues until the end of time. Well of course now that he’s 46 years old, PAST the child bearing years (remember that part about him wanting to be a girl? Try childbirth dude. Oh right. As a man you NEVER had too. How convenient!) and probably owes God knows how much in alimony and/or child support or has quite possibly gotten more women pregnant and is in other kinds of hot water, so of course NOW is the time to switch lanes into the ever-so-GLAMOROUS world of female-hood (again POST puberty, POST childbearing years, POST premenstrual syndrome, POST marriages, POST hefty military retirement package). Uh huh.  Gosh. And to think. People are now PRAISING this person for their “COURAGE” (I’m laughing really really hard right now) to come out because they were in such excruciating pain as a male for so many decades. (Sigh). They better get to work  perfecting that trans-Martian surgery. I’d sign up tomorrow and get out of whole boatload of responsibilities! And so it is. AMEN.

Chris Beck (left) and Kristin Beck (©


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