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Oh Sandy

“I’ve got chills….they’re multiplyin’….and I’m losin’ control….’cause the power you’re supplyin’ is electrifyin’…..” : said Danny Zuko in Grease.

“You better shape up!” : said SANDY.     People, people, people……when will you learn?! You CAN’T F*** WITH MOTHER NATURE.  (Even IF you’re a high level whatever in Scientology, Mr. TRAVOLTAPS: I love John Travolta. Peace & Blessings. Prayers to the East Coast.

Sandusky Still Says “I’m Innocent!”

Shane Verdi

“Whiskey” a song By: John Shane Verdi of the band Law & Order (featuring Phil Allocco and 2 other misogynist losers whose names escape me at the moment although I heard one of them works at Disney (in California) now and has kids of his own………… Of course.)


Got on the road started drivin’ out west

Cause I heard the girls out there were better than the rest


Packed my troubles in the back seat of my car

Came along

This GIRL name Whiskey

She TASTED sweet as honey. Had a heart o’ gold

I didn’t know

She was 14 years old

Her father said, (Hyena-Like Screams) “Can’t take any more! Best bet get your ass outta town for sure. And keep away from my Whiskey”

Got on the open road west of the city

Leaving behind a long trail of gasoline

Far from the New York way

Came along this GIRL named Whiskey

LONG BLONDE HAIR and ripped up dirty jeans

Listen to what I say

Kind of girl I can’t get enough

You know SHE left me wanting more

What SHE gave me that night nearly knocked me to the floor

Out all night. I’m drinkin’ Whiskey

(Horrible talentless cacophony of noise ensues)

Lo and behold she was 14 by day 40 by night

Her mean old daddy

Got my finger in her pussy

Gonna hang me on his wall for sure

Hangin on Friday night

Dancin’ on Dynamite

See you ‘round

Walking on Whiskey

Sweet Whiskey

(More Led Zeppelin rip-off guitar sounds and more cacophony of stupid apes competing for Alpha-Male Domination through talentless Bam-Bam-like noise)

MCA went out of business. Gee. With Tax-Write Off acts like the aforementioned, it’s no wonder.  It’s also no wonder that child molestation, rape, domestic violence, drug addiction and alcoholism continue. Not to mention Closet-Homosexuality (BIG in the industry). People who cavalierly sing about rape (and do it in real life with Westfield, NJ High School Students as did Mr. Verdi who was probably between 25-30 years of age at the time) with teenaged high schoolers  as if it was like changing a flat tire make me wonder (not to mention sick to my stomach). But the misogynists that are listed at the top of this post, as far as I know, are still walking around, looking back on their “good ol’ days” when they went around singing about raping teenagers, with seemingly no consequence. And the enablers let them. (And if these guys were black?). And Jerry Sandusky spends his last days in a prison, a prison surrounded by strapping, young men (A closet-homosexual’s dream. Punishment?). That’s all for now. Peace and Blessings. Amen.

Killing Them Softly

Christina Aguilera talks about the pressure of her former label in a recent article. The misogynist power structure would much prefer a slow, seemingly self-inflicted demise, where guns and violence wouldn’t even be needed. Just cocaine (RIP Whitney) and the ideology  that OUR BODIES are responsible for the demise of nearly everything ( you FAT, SLUT, FRUITFUL VINES, MADE FROM MAN-RIB, BLEEDING, EMOTIONAL SECOND CLASS CITIZEN BITCH WHORES!!!! ). As myself and millions of other females (and males) struggle, and rise above the wreckage of eating disorders (some of us not so lucky, like my cousin Joan RIP 1969-2002), it’s never recognized through the eyes of some, and we’re constantly made to feel guilty by stupid, ignorant, clueless types who tell us we’re “selfish“, “it’s all in our heads” and to “think of all the people who have cancer, are starving in Africa, have fought wars, etc., etc., etc.”  It’s a good thing Rush Limbaugh, Chris Christie and Kevin Smith never had to worry about their appearance to get ahead in their careers. ‘Cause they don’t have a problem. (Right.)

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