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Pro LIFE & Powder Kegs

Not Funny today. ALL these people on TV, in the media, in the news, on the internet coming forward speaking about their experience with yesterday’s SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL, VIOLENT self-named “Powder Keg” from Virginia. Where was everybody when this nut was buying a gun? Where were all these PRO-LIFERS when this nut was unraveling and purchasing firearms? See there’s more to it then dumping sperm into a cavity and going on with YOUR life. There’s MUCH MORE to it. People POST WOMB are in trouble. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.

High Society Doesn’t “GET IT”

If I read ONE more STUPID comment by these socialites and people who revel in the limelight about L’Wren Scott’s suicide I’m going to throw up all over the computer.  Comments like: I don’t understand how she could do it……I’m struggling to understand how she could do it….I don’t know why she did it and on and on and on. If these people were SO concerned about her and LESS concerned about their own successes, maybe they’d be able to see that the chick was DEPRESSED! HELLO! She was SIX MILLION SOMETHING DOLLARS IN DEBT at almost 50 years old. Her business WAS HER LIFE. Not a side project, not a hobby, not some afternoon activity. And now, her LIFE was over, so she ENDED it. Seriously? If Mick Jagger’s CAREER was done I sincerely doubt he’d be all jumping up and down with glee.  EXTREME CAPITALISM was her LIFE and it ended up KILLING HER IN THE END. So all the REALLY STUPID people out there, get it through your fat skulls, DEPRESSION doesn’t DISCRIMINATE and when you teach people that MONEY is GOD, some people will believe it to the core of their souls. And so it is. AMEN. (RIP L’Wren Scott hope it’s better wherever you are now)

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