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Oscars Boycott? No Problem….

…I have not been watching these awards shows for the past 10 years regardless of race. You know what else I’ve naturally boycotted my entire life? Football games.(unless I was paid to play a football fan). That’s right! I guess that makes me a BAD American (oh well!). When I saw the movie “Concussion” with the other 4 people in the entire theater, I thought to myself, the movie industry is REALLY getting desperate for subjects in movies nowadays. (I’m going to write a screenplay and call it “Cavity” where the main premise of the film will center around a bubble gum blowing team whose members are all losing their teeth. I’m guessing it won’t be nominated for an Academy Award either. Oh well.) At any rate, Will Smith gets a standing ovation from me because I’d have read that script and would not have been able to keep a straight face no matter how much they’d be paying me. (Will….if “Cavity” gets made (on YOUR DIME) I’ll nominate you like there’s no tomorrow….and we can make a whole series of OBVIOUS titled films with political messages that highlight the STUPIDITY and BLATANT ARROGANCE of American culture…here I have a few: “Rusty Pipe” – a story about the water contamination of low income people in Flint, MI – “Obesity” – the story of Chris Christie stuffing his face – and “Alcoholic” – the story of Sean Penn trying to be a journalist. Lord Help Us. God Bless America. And so it is. Amen.











As Gumba Christie puts on his BEST sad face for the cameras, he, like Jesus, utters the words “…..betrayed…….” (Luke 22).  What a STELLAR performance!

$ In God We Trust $

As Lauryn Hill prepares for her prison stint for allegedly not shelling out her IRS debts, we bury Chris Kelly, the 34 year old half of the multi-selling act Kriss Kross. Now if anybody should be going to prison, it SHOULD be the pervert(s) who exploited those young little boys back in the day, by zooming in on their butts, complete with easy-to-unzip zipper situated on the back of their asses (YUCK!!). And from what I’ve been reading on the web, yeah, the backwards clothing was DEFINITELY symbolic for what allegedly transpired in real life (RIP Chris) (GROSS!!!). But, we here in the US of A, know all too well what really goes down. Take Stephanie Bongiovi for example. Just a few months ago, the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi overdosed on heroin (I mean, it’s gotta be rough being a rich, privileged, blonde haired, blue eyed daughter of a rock star who never has to take out a student loan to get through college). Now prior to her overdosing, countless other young people have overdosed on heroin, and no one really cared. But when you’re rich, white, famous daddy can pull some strings with food addict Chris Christiethen laws get passed IMMEDIATELY so YOU don’t have to go to jail. Once again, God Bless America. Amen.

Lauryn Hill

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