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Shane Verdi

“Whiskey” a song By: John Shane Verdi of the band Law & Order (featuring Phil Allocco and 2 other misogynist losers whose names escape me at the moment although I heard one of them works at Disney (in California) now and has kids of his own………… Of course.)


Got on the road started drivin’ out west

Cause I heard the girls out there were better than the rest


Packed my troubles in the back seat of my car

Came along

This GIRL name Whiskey

She TASTED sweet as honey. Had a heart o’ gold

I didn’t know

She was 14 years old

Her father said, (Hyena-Like Screams) “Can’t take any more! Best bet get your ass outta town for sure. And keep away from my Whiskey”

Got on the open road west of the city

Leaving behind a long trail of gasoline

Far from the New York way

Came along this GIRL named Whiskey

LONG BLONDE HAIR and ripped up dirty jeans

Listen to what I say

Kind of girl I can’t get enough

You know SHE left me wanting more

What SHE gave me that night nearly knocked me to the floor

Out all night. I’m drinkin’ Whiskey

(Horrible talentless cacophony of noise ensues)

Lo and behold she was 14 by day 40 by night

Her mean old daddy

Got my finger in her pussy

Gonna hang me on his wall for sure

Hangin on Friday night

Dancin’ on Dynamite

See you ‘round

Walking on Whiskey

Sweet Whiskey

(More Led Zeppelin rip-off guitar sounds and more cacophony of stupid apes competing for Alpha-Male Domination through talentless Bam-Bam-like noise)

MCA went out of business. Gee. With Tax-Write Off acts like the aforementioned, it’s no wonder.  It’s also no wonder that child molestation, rape, domestic violence, drug addiction and alcoholism continue. Not to mention Closet-Homosexuality (BIG in the industry). People who cavalierly sing about rape (and do it in real life with Westfield, NJ High School Students as did Mr. Verdi who was probably between 25-30 years of age at the time) with teenaged high schoolers  as if it was like changing a flat tire make me wonder (not to mention sick to my stomach). But the misogynists that are listed at the top of this post, as far as I know, are still walking around, looking back on their “good ol’ days” when they went around singing about raping teenagers, with seemingly no consequence. And the enablers let them. (And if these guys were black?). And Jerry Sandusky spends his last days in a prison, a prison surrounded by strapping, young men (A closet-homosexual’s dream. Punishment?). That’s all for now. Peace and Blessings. Amen.

Comments on: "Sandusky Still Says “I’m Innocent!”" (5)

  1. HOLY CR-OW, you are brilliant and right on message.

  2. Keith Olson said:

    Amen, Reverend, though I think there is still more varnish to scrape off. Keep up the good work, and teach your children well.

  3. Keith: Under the “Varnish”…Sometime in the 1980’s….
    Manager to Record Label: “Hey I got these two drug addicted Staten Island losers in front of me. One is doing lines off my d***, and the other is f*****g me up the a** while signing the contract.”
    Record Label: “Good work. We’ve got next year’s tax write off”
    Manager: “No problem dude. There’s plenty more where they came from.”

    And the beat goes on……..

  4. VERDI family said:

    Keep talking smack about my brother you psycho… He is the most honest, trustworthy man to ever walk the planet earth and just because you can’t get over one great night with him , doesn’t give you the right to trash talk anyone. Keep it up and I promise you will be paying the price for your ignorance, arrogance and psychotic behavior . Watch your back while you sleep woman !
    Reverend my ass. No reverend would ever speak of another human being like this

  5. In Response to the Verdi Family. “Keep Talking Smack”- Um, I don’t rape 14 year olds and write songs about them- your brother does. He CREATES his own “smack” as you put it. “honest, trustworthy”? Well, you do have a point. He writes about his illegal sexual exploits and brags about them. I guess that could be classified as “honest”. As for “trustworthy” no. And far as “on the planet earth”? Looks like you don’t get out much. “one great night?” Who are you talking to? Were you there? No. “Keep it up you will be paying the price for your ignorance, arrogance and psychotic behavior. Watch your back while you sleep…” Hmmmm. Is that a threat? My, my, low class east coast mentality doesn’t ever change, does it now. How trite. How banal. I know, I’m using “big” words for someone like you. The denial in you seems to be SO deep. It’s too bad you all are stuck in it. Considering you don’t know me and haven’t spent every waking second with your demented rapist brother (or maybe you have. in that case…EWWWWWWW). Isn’t that just like a brainwashed family-values shallow and obviously ILLITERATE idiot to respond in such an obvious and predictable way? Check any incest manual with a psychiatrist, your response fits to a “T”. Your brother is a rapist. Just deal with it. What a sad and stupid family. Instead of threatening me, (Yawn) why don’t you take a class or go see a psychiatrist. Stop fulfilling the negative stereotypes of low class Italians from Staten Island. It doesn’t serve you, them, or anybody well. PS: I hope your “honest” rapist brother receives all of the karmic retribution he WELL deserves. Have a blessed day!

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